Favorite Image from my Portrait Session with a Vampire

Howard County Portrait Photographers

Model: Meredith MUA: Aryn Wilson

I’m not really sure when my interest in vampires started. Maybe it was after watching the 1987 film The Lost Boys or maybe it was after watching Bram Stokers Dracula in my youth. While editing this image last night I started wondering why some folks consider Vampires to be such beautiful and exotic creatures. Maybe it is because the films show them converting us into beautiful, seductive & immortal beings?

I just watched a movie on Netflix called Kiss of the Damned which I found pretty interesting. It felt like a character study with a bit of romance thrown in. Thankfully there was not too much gore and it had a strong art house vibe to it. Tobias Datum’s cinematography was stunning and kept things interesting. The angles he chose to use for a lot of scenes were used well because it kept you slightly off key somewhat like the story itself. The actors involved also a fantastic job. Particularly Josephine de La Baume who played the lead character Djuna. I thought that every piece of the film was well done although fans of Blade or 30 Days of Night may not appreciate this take on the genre. The only downsides I could think of is that the pace was a little slow and the plot was slightly lacking??

I have always preferred a good ghost or vampire story versus the Saw or Jason type of horror films. I mean I can always turn on the news if I want to watch & hear about real life horror stories. Thankfully the vampire in the photograph above was just interested in having me take her portrait :-).

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One thought on “Favorite Image from my Portrait Session with a Vampire

  1. Lost Boys!!!! what a movie, and I still love that song, Cry Little Sister ❤ And yes Bram Strokers Dracula is good too. I watched as a child all those old Dracula movies, Christopher Lee etc 😀 And I saw nightmares every time!

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