The Mach Tower at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia


This weekend our family took a trip to Williamsburg Virginia.  Saturday was spent at Busch Gardens and then Sunday we visited the sites at Colonial Williamsburg. 

When we arrived at Busch Gardens the Mach Tower was one of the first rides we saw.  The Mach Tower stands at 246 feet and is the tallest ride in the park. Once you get to the top it drops you at 50mph hour!  I have ridden a similiar ride at Kings Dominion called the Drop Tower and that ride stands at 272 feet and drops you at 70mph.   I have very fond memories of that ride, I actually rode it four times in a row the last time I visited that park.  So when I saw the Mach Tower I was pretty excited! 

When we arrived at the ride they had just closed it down due to the high wind gusts that we were experiencing.  Later in the evening we stopped by again and we found out that they decided to shut down the ride for the rest of the evening due to some thunderstorms that were nearby.  I was a little dissapointed but then we all decided that we will take a trip to Kings Dominion in September and give it another try.   




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