Phoneography – Fahrenheit Roller Coaster Hershey Park


We took a trip to Hershey Park this weekend and my philosophy when it comes to rides is to get the worst out of the way :-). Two years ago when we last visited Hershey Park, the ride pictured above was the only one that I did not get a chance to ride. Well I wish I could say it was worth the wait time but Fahrenheit ended up being in the middle of the pack of the coasters ridden that day.

You start of going 121 feet in the air and then you drop at a 97 degree angle at a speed of 58 mph. This roller coaster also features six inversions. I found the initial drop thrilling but the rest of the ride was just okay. A part of the reason could be that it is one of the shortest rides there with one of the longest waiting periods. I was very happy with the Storm Runner and the SkyRush. Now those coasters really did a job on me and I will share some photos of those rides soon. Our family had a good time and we are looking forward to visiting Kings Dominion in a couple of weeks from now. Now that my children are old enough to ride some of the big coasters we are trying to visit four amusement parks before this summer ends. 3

Photos taken with the LG G3


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