Image from my First Portrait Session

I found this image of my wife while looking for photos from the past to edit. This portrait was taken within the first few days of me owning a DSLR. I remember thinking how great this image was and I immediately emailed a copy to Marcus lol. The camera I shot this with was a Sony A330L. Sadly, I had to send the camera back to the retailer within a week of purchasing it because I noticed something was wrong with the shutter. That experience scared me away from investing in the Sony line of DSLR’s. I was still on the fence in regards to investing in a Canon or a Nikon camera but since Marcus was a Canon shooter, it made sense to go that route. Since this image was shot I have owned a few other cameras before settling on a pair of full frame Canon bodies. What’s interesting is that although I have taken a few images of my wife over the last few years, she still claims this one to be her favorite :-). For this edit I converted it to a B/W image and added a touch of grain.
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