Trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia


A few weeks ago we went to Williamsburg Virginia for the weekend. We spent one day at Busch Gardens and another day touring the sites around Colonial Williamsburg. Below are a few images taken at the Busch Gardens.

This year we are trying to take in as many local amusement parks as we can. Last weekend we hit up Hershey Park in Pennsylvania and next week we are visiting Kings Dominion. I am also planning a trip to Cedar Point in Ohio for the end of September. I am really looking forward to that trip because that park has seventeen roller coasters and owns the title “Roller Coaster Capitol of the World”.

I was really looking forward to riding the Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens but once we got there I found out that it was removed a few years ago. That was my favorite ride at this park but thankfully they had a few new ones and one of which is the Griffon. It stands at 205 feet high and travels at a speed of 71 mph. It was the fastest dive coaster at the time it was built in 2007. It was the first ride I rode at the park and nothing else really came close to it.

What I really enjoyed seeing was my children’s reactions. When they were really young they visited Hershey Park and last year we spent a week at Disney World. I don’t feel that Disney World has many “real” roller coasters but that’s not why you visit Disney anyway. This was the first year that both of my children were able to ride what I call “real” rides :-). Did they ride many? Nope LOL. When they saw how high some of the coasters went they shook their heads and said “not gonna happen dad”. As the day went on they did get braver and they rode a few of the coasters. I am looking at this summers trips to the parks as a training for future years :-).

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia


4 thoughts on “Trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia

  1. I remember going to Cedar point back in the summer of 1990, the year after the magnum roller coaster had opened there! I think to date it was the scariest ride I’ve ever been on…and I thought sitting in the car with my cousin driving from Toledo was scary enough! Hope you make it in Sept. Certainly brought back memories when you mentioned it in your post. Great shots by the way. One love 🙂

    • Thanks for the info and and the compliment Damian. I have never been to Cedar Point and I am really looking forward to it. One of my co-workers just came back and I the Magnum is still there so I plan on giving it a go. From what I understand the lines for some of the coasters there can literally be two hours long so I am making sure that if I make the 8 hour drive from Maryland to get there I purchase the Fast Pass for a few extra bucks. Planning that trip with a few of the fellas so it should be fun! Have a great weekend 🙂

      • Ouch that’s a long drive! Fast track tickets is a must after that journey! Hope you make it. Take care brother.

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