Color or Black & White?

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Portrait of Nana Lake Kittamaqundi Columbia Maryland


It has been awhile since I have had difficulty deciding if I like the color version of a photograph versus the black and white edit. But this is one of those times. I have gone back and forth between the two for around 10 minutes and still can’t make up my mind. Can you please tell me which version you prefer and if possible why.
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14 thoughts on “Color or Black & White?

  1. I prefer the color image. In my opinion, it has the wow factor. Her skin appears more creamy and the colors in her dress accentuate that I think. Other than her dress and tattoos, the image appears monochrome, which I really like too.

  2. Thank you Christiane! At first glance I went with the color image but the more time I spent with the B/W version I started thinking maybe that was the better image. I save my favorite images from shoots and create portfolio books. I could not decide which version to possibly include in the book. I tend to like color more than B/W images in general but this time I am really stuck. Thanks so much again Christiane for your opinion and I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

    • 😊 it does look that way so far. Thanks for sharing your opinion Jen. I like both of the images but I am now leaning towards the color version. Thinking it has to do with the colors in the dress?? Have a great weekend!

  3. I usually like black & white for portraits, but in this case I like the colored one. I think it’s because of how colorful she seems with her dress (or top) and her tatoo. 🙂

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