Trip Down Memory Lane John & Kristeen’s Wedding in Mexico

Wife and I waiting to get on the plane.

This time last year my wife and I were getting ready to head off to the Rivera Maya for one of my best friend’s wedding.   I am looking at these photographs and reflecting on all of the wonderful memories that were created during the five days we were there.  I realize how blessed I am to have a truly great circle of friends in my life.  What is also amazing to me is that all of our wives get along extremely well.  I remember staying up until 3 am each morning just talking, laughing and there may have been a wee bit of alcohol around.  One night after going out we decided to go swimming at 1 am in the morning.  Then at around 2 am we ordered a late dinner/early breakfast and chatted some more.

I have known some of my “boys” for over 25 years now and over that period I have a lot of fond memories of places we have been and things we have done.  Our recent trips to Vegas being some of the most memorable moments with them.  On our first trip one of my buddies almost missed the plane. It was hilarious we heard someone stomping down the hall at BWI and he ran by so fast we did not catch a glimpse of him. It turns out that the stomping was Jon. Thankfully after we were seated I saw him make it on the the plane. On another trip I chatted with K Fed, Brittany Spears ex for few minutes at our hotel. Seemed like a nice guy actually.

While we there at the resort we decided to plan a trip in March to Punta Cana but unfortunately over the months, one by one we had to bow out.  Five weeks prior to the Punta Cana trip I had to have my roof replaced.  Another reason was that during the previous 7 months my family went to Disney, the beach for a week and I went to Vegas.  Also within that time frame I had replaced our air conditioning unit so my wallet was yelling “leave me the bleep alone”.    So yeah, we missed out on the trip to Punta Cana but  I’m going to start planting seeds in my friends minds in hopes of going somewhere next year.

After coming back from Mexico we have met up with our friends here and there at restaurants for dinner but it is a different experience when you bring your children.  My mother would like us all to take a trip to Jamaica so she can show us her old stomping grounds.  I have been to Jamaica many times over the years and I would rather go somewhere new.  My wife and I have also done Punta Cana a few times so I would like to visit the Bahamas or possibly even Greece.  If we can’t get the entire group to go on a trip again the good news is that I took well over 2,000 images from this trip and I can revisit them whenever I want .

The El Dorado Royale is listed on the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Top 100 Hotels in the World.  I thought that the food was excellent at the restaurants and the buffets.   The rooms included an infinity pool as well as decent sized Jacuzzi.  I must say that if you are looking for a party scene then this resort is definitely not for you.  If you are looking for relaxation and some pampering then look no further!  The resort is also appeared to be very large.  The brochure stated there are 13 pools but we only came across maybe 5.  I am sure the other pools are there it was just that there was no need to hunt them down because the pools we came across were very large and each room on the ground level had their own pool which I will say was AWESOME!  All of that being said I really could care less about where we stayed because whenever we all get together, it’s always a great time!

Howard County Wedding Photographers

El Dorado Resort and Spa Rivera Maya


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