George & Adeola’s Engagement Party



I remember our first meeting with George and Adeola at a Dunkin Donuts in Baltimore like it was yesterday.  It might have been due to the fact that they mentioned there could be around four hundred guests in attendance on their wedding day.   They also mentioned that there was going to be two weddings over the course of three days. They said there was also going to about to 60-80 family members attending both the events.  During our initial consultation with our couples we always ask who will be designated on the day of the event to let us know who the family members.  Thankfully George explained that the family members in attendance would be wearing the family colors and it would be very easy for us to recognize the different family members based on dress.

We were very excited to have this opportunity because this would be our first Nigerian wedding. Let me tell you that no amount of YouTube videos or articles we read could prepare us for our first Nigerian Wedding.  I spoke with two of my Nigerian friends to try and get some insight but they were of no help.  One of them married a Jamaican and my other friends wife is from Austria.  Neither of them were able to offer valuable advice because their weddings were both a blend of different cultures.

The photographs below are from their first event the “traditional wedding” also referred to as the engagement.   George and Adeola wore traditional dress clothing which was made in Nigeria and shipped over a few weeks prior to this event.  Since this was the first time for us to photograph a Nigerian engagement party  we shot any and everything!  One of the things I noticed in a few videos I watched prior to the wedding was the presence of yam, palm, sugary drinks and a suitcase. Those items were also present at this event.    From what I have learned it is the grooms family that presents these items to the bride’s family. The “traditional wedding” was also filled with quite a bit of singing and dancing, everyone appeared to have a great time.  Marcus and I are thankful to George and Adeola for choosing us to photograph this special occasion and in a few weeks we will share images from their “white wedding”, which was the largest wedding that we have photographed to date.


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