Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania


The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

I had a pretty nice weekend.  I had an engagement session early on Saturday morning in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.  Immediately after that we made the almost three-hour trek to visit my niece who is attending college at Mansfield University.   Along the way we made a few stops. One of which was the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon located  in Wellsboro Pennsylvania.

The Pine Creek Gorge is 47 miles long and 1000 feet deep. The two images that show the canyon barely do it justice.  There is far more to see which can be done on the 62 mile long bike trail.   The Pine Creek Trail is listed on USA today’s top 10 bike trails in the country.  I read that the Canyon resembles the Grand Canyon of Colorado if you visit after October and before April because you can see the exposed rock formations a little better.


Howard County Portrait & Wedding PHotographers

Yeah… The kiss was directed by my mother-in-law. Give some people a camera and all of a sudden they become a director 🙂



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