A Beautiful Ghost

Howard County Portrait Photographers

Model: Tori
Location: Jerusalem Mills Village

Every night she stands by the window,
peeping inside and whispering low,
Watching me with eyes, deep and green,
which have haunted me even in my dream.

I put my mind to sleep and pretend,
too scared to know her real intent,
am I her food or her idea of fun?
is she a ghost or my imagination?

She calls out my name in a sweet voice,
I gather all strength and open my eyes,
she gives a smile so pure and rare,u
I hold her soft hands barely aware.

Silky and golden hair touch her knees,
cute deep dimples flirt her cheeks,
the long eyelashes and a delicate nose,
smooth but sharp, her slanted eyebrows.

Now she fills my soul with a lovely image, and my love travels on a different voyage, my mind is thrilled as the fears roast, she gladdens my heart though she is a ghost.

by Rahul Aithal

Howard County Maryland Portrait and Wedding Photographers


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