Modeling Session Wrap-up With Tori Part I


Model: Tori Location: Jerusalem Mills Village Maryland

Marcus and I had a great time working with Tori during her modeling session!  I think that we were able capture great images with her.  What made her session work for us was the fact that she has the ability to convey numerous expressions. Plus her skills as a dancer helped tremendously!

Suggestions for people that are considering modeling is to practice their facial expressions in front of the mirror.  It is very important to know how to convey different emotions.  Expressions that you may want to practice are happiness, contentment, feeling lost, seriousness, emptiness, loneliness and being flirtations in front of a mirror.  Sounds silly, yes but knowing how you look when trying to convey a feeling is kind of important. 

Also play around with your hands.  Place them under your chin.  On your cheek.  Behind your head. Try moving and shaping your hair.  These are just a few basic things to try doing prior to a shoot so you have an idea of how you look and when asked for an emotion you come close to what the photographer is looking for. Take a look at some fashion magazines or catalog’s.  Look at how the model is posed. What are they doing with their hands?  What are the arms, legs, and torso doing as well?

 A good photographer should will be able to provide instruction and direction but these small exercies in front of a mirror can go a long way in the success of your shoot!

 Tori’s session was originally scheduled for two hours.  It actually ran close to three hours long.  I had to dip out at the two hour mark so I could start the other session and in my opinion Marcus rocked the rest of her shoot.  The blog post titled ” Lady in Red ” contains the images from the rest of her session.  Again we are very pleased with the images that we were able to create with Tori.   Marcus and I are looking forward to working with her again this weekend. 

Howard County Portrait and Wedding Photographers

Howard County Portrait & Wedding Photographers

2 thoughts on “Modeling Session Wrap-up With Tori Part I

    • Thanks Maralee! She sure did make our jobs easier. I was shocked when I found out how much time had passed when I had to leave Marcus and Tori to start the other session. I am glad I was able to take a lot of these images.

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