A Beautiful View Tioga County Pennsylvania


A few weeks ago our family had a little road trip to upstate Pennsylvania.  Our first stop was to visit my niece who is freshman at Mannsfield University.  After spending the day touring the college we drove to the small town of Wellsboro for the night.  The next day we headed off to my brother in laws hunting cabin in Tioga County. 

  After driving up a mountain for what felt like twenty minutes this was the view when we arrived at the top.  This was my first visit to the hunting cabin and the sight above was not what I expected to see at the top of the mountain. You have to cut me some slack because I have lived in suburbs for all of my life. 

For my last two years of high school I attended Christian boarding school near the Shenandoah mountain range. On weekend trips through those mountains there was not much but dense wooded areas.  On top of this mountain range there were homes, cabins & farms.    

When I started out in photography, my main interest was landscape photography.  It feels like it has been ages since I took a photograph that did not include people. It was fun and quite challenging hunting for scenes to capture.   Besides the images I took of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, this is one of my favorite landscape images taken during the trip. 


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