Dan and Susan’s Engagement Session Harrisburg Pennsylvania


Dan & Susan’s Engagement Session Harrisburg PA

 When I checked the weather on Thursday night, two days prior to Dan & Susan’s engagement session, there was a 90% chance of rain in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. We thought about rescheduling the session for another day but Dan is attending seminar school in Boston. This was the only weekend that he had available in October and he wouldn’t be back in town until Thanksgiving.  I admit I was really worried how this session would turn out!

 We drove up to my mother-in-laws on Friday night and I set my alarm for 4:30 am.  I wanted to scout alternative locations just in case it rained.  Also, since my wife grew up in the area I wanted her to come with me because she knew the city better than I did.    When we went out outside I was relieved because it appeared as though the rain had stopped.  Within 10 minutes of getting into the car, it not only started to rain, it downright poured!

I am comfortable shooting in the rain. Marcus and I have done it a few times before but that was in not in a torrential downpour.  Also we had previously made note of alternative locations that could be used that would give us some shelter. I have visited Harrisburg on many other occasions but I am not nearly as well as I know D.C or the city of Baltimore.  Thankfully my wife was there for this session and she suggested we first head to the mall and shoot inside for awhile until the rain ended. 

Dan and Susan showed up at 7am sharp and it was still raining but as soon as we headed off to the mall it stopped.  I was so tempted to do tha happy dance right then and there but I was able to keep it together and avoid embarassing my wife. 

Within 30 seconds of meeting Dan and Susan, I knew no matter what happened the session would be a success.  Not only are they a warm and loving couple, they are just a joy to be around.  They had no qualms about shooting in the rain and getting wet.  Thankfully we didnt have to do that. 

 The session was originally scheduled to end at 9 am but it ran over by an hour.  That was the other reason why my wife came along, she was supposed to keep me on track. After the session we were heading off to visit my niece who is attending Mannsfield University in upsate PA.   Well, she was the one that kept suggesting additional locations we could use for the session but I didn’t mind a bit! 

   This was the first time she has ever came to a session and I think she truly was an asset to the shoot.  It’s a shame that she doesnt care to learn all of the technical aspects of photography! But then again MarcusDilano&Cristy doesnt have the same ring to it and I could imaging the frustration of our clients having to type in that URL. 

It was a pleasure spending the morning with Dan & Susan and I am pretty sure no matter if it rains, or the sun is shineing brightly, their wedding day will be amazing.   Below are a few of the images from their engagement session. 


Howard County Maryland Portrait & Wedding Photographers

Dan & Susan’s Engagement Session Harrisburg PA

Howard County Maryland Wedding and Portrait Photographers


10 thoughts on “Dan and Susan’s Engagement Session Harrisburg Pennsylvania

    • Lol we do try this with some of our couple’s to see what they come up with. It really depends on the vibe we get from the couple. I noticed Dan and Susan were very playful so I thought it may work 😀.

    • Nor only did my Redskins beat the Cowboys last night, but I get a wonderful compliment like this. Today is a great day!!! I’m all seriousness you have also given me inspiration. I am pretty sure your work inspired me to take those black and white photographs of flowers I posted a few months ago. 😀. That’s why I like the blogosphere. At times we feed off of the beautiful images we see. Have a lovely day Maralee. I know I will! Thanks!

    • 🙂 :-). I really enjoyed my time with Dan and Susan. They were very warm and just a joy to be around. I am glad I was able to capture these images for them. Appreciate your compliment Alexandra 🙂

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