Autumn’s Strewn Path


A path—
Strewn by Autumn leaves
(Orange. Sienna. Brown)
Leads through the woods,
Beautiful old trees
(tall and grand)
With yellow leaves
Line each side of the path—
Creating a perfect canopy.
A few green vines
Are nestled among the trees.
Bright sunrays beam
Through open spaces
Between the tree trunks
To illumine the path.
Above—their branches
Form ‘peepholes’
As the sky peers through.
Yellow shrubs,
(With a touch of green)
Grace either side of the path.
And way down
At the other end of the path,
Is an opening of ‘sunlight.’
And there, one can see
The silhouette of an unknown figure
Traveling the path,
Approaching the light.

Poem by Walterrean Salley


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