Pretty in Blue

Howard County Maryland Portrait Photographers

Model: Meredith
Location: Lake Kittamaqundi Columbia Maryland

Marcus and I have different approaches when it comes to editing our images. He culls his images first and rates them accordingly in Light Room. I look at each image and edit as I go along. I do look at the next three to five photographs to ensure that they are not too similar and pick the best one. As soon as I pick my favorite of the series I’ll edit that image right away. The reason I don’t review all of the image’s and rate them first is because I like surprises.

When I go home this evening I hope to be surprised by another image that I really like or love. That’s what happened last night when I came across this photograph. I was so excited I immediately sent Marcus and Meredith an instant message sharing this image with them. Marcus’s response was “Eh I like it but I would have processed it differently” lol.

We all know taste is subjective and I guess our slightly different processing styles can be considered a benefit two our clients. Granted that being said our sales are not drastically different but there are subtle differences. Marcus tends to like images that pop in color. I prefer images that are slightly more subdued. Thankfully for the most part our styles compliment each other.

It’s always interesting to see our clients print orders or their image choices for their wedding albums. Sometimes a client will choose 50‰ of the images I have taken and sometimes it’s closer to 70‰ and vice versa. In any case I love this image and thankfully Meredith did too :). That’s what counts!


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