30 Second Portraits with the Stylish Fashionista

Howard County Portrait & Wedding Photographers

A Stylish Fashionista
Location: Fells Point Baltimore Maryland

We had a few shoots scheduled for Saturday morning in Fells Point Baltmore Maryland.  After the first shoot was over Marcus and I had a little bit of downtime while our makeup artist was working with a client.  Marcus and I noticed this young lady lounging in front of one of the boutiques nearby. 

What caught my eye was her pretty scarf and how the shade of her lipstick complimented her jeans.  Marcus may have jokingly said we should shoot her.  Well that’s all it took for me to walk over and strike up a quick conversation with her. 

I took a total of 5 images and I like all of them.  As a matter of fact I’d like to start a series of these types of sessions featuring people with a flair for fashion.

One of the most popular fashion blogs http://www.thesartorialist.com posts images similar to these daily. If you’re interested in fashion or photography I strongly suggest visiting that site. Half of the images on there are candids while others are clearly posed. Personally, I prefer asking people if I can take a Portrait of them but that’s just me.

I am very please with the images that were taken in all of 30-45 seconds. Unfortunately the one thing I did forget to ask her was her name :-).

Howard County Maryland Wedding and Portrait Photographers


A Stylish Fashionista Fells Point Baltimore Maryland


12 thoughts on “30 Second Portraits with the Stylish Fashionista

    • Thank you Maralee. The Sartorialist is a very interesting site for those that are interested in fashion and what people are wearing around the world. I could easily picture myself walking the streets of Milan, London and NY snapping photos all day. But the reality is I have a mortgage and a family lol.

      You are always welcome to come down. Actually I think we would want to visit your neck of the woods lol. Your landscape images are incredible. Thanks again for the compliment!

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