Creative Edit of Tori


Model: Tori
Location: Fells Point Baltimore Maryland

I started out editing this photograph in Lightroom. I then used Portraiture to soften the skin tones a bit. I must have felt like playing around with this image because I brought it into Photoshop and ran the Nik Effects Silver Essex Pro plugin to convert it into a black and white image.

The black and white image was on top of the original colored layer in Photoshop. I moved the opacity slider to 30% to bring back some of the color in the original layer beneath the black and white one and this is what I ended up with. Funny how I never thought of doing this before. Just goes to show that there will always be more tricks and techniques to learn.
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12 thoughts on “Creative Edit of Tori

    • Lol.. Thanks Becka! I spent about four hours this weekend watching YouTube videos on how other people edit portraits. Picked up a few new techniques that I will be trying from here on out. Some people hate editing images but I really do enjoy it. Have a wonderful day,

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