Meredith & the Abandoned House

Howard County Maryland Portrait Photographers

Model: Meredith
Location: Columbia Maryland

There is a old abandoned house that sits on one of the main roads I travel on to and from work each day.  It stands out because it is surrounded by a lot of new housing developments.  It kind of reminds me of something that you would see if you were out west driving on route 66.  Everytime I drove by this house, I thought about using it as a back drop for a photo shoot. 

Well, I had a four day weekend last week.  By day three,  I was getting a little antsy because this was the first weekend in months that Marcus and I had nothing scheduled.  I contacted Meredith and asked if she would be up for a quick shoot.  Lucky for me she literally lives down the street and we have shot together frequently this year. 

We met up around 9:30 the next morning.  When we got to the location, we realized that my original idea was not going to work.  It was a bright sunny morning and no matter where I positioned her she had to squint. Plus and there were a lot of  harsh shadows falling on her face that I would have to deal with.  If Marcus was with me then I could have possibly used a reflector to block the sun but that was not an option. 

 She started walking around the house and she noticed that one side of house was completely open.  Meaning you could litereally walk into what may have been the living room at one point.   Not really sure what happened to the wall, but I could care less. The furniture looked like it was purchased in the 60’s and the radio sitting by a window looked older than that.  There were beer bottles lying around everywhere.  I admit to being a little creeped out and it was funny because we jumped a few times when birds would fly in through the window.     

 I kept saying that this is not a good idea and if it wasn’t early in the morning and bright and sunny, there was no way she would have  coerced me to step inside.   I looked aorund the property and I did not see any trespassing signs.  Judging by the condition of the shed and the house I would guess the owners have not been by in over a decade!   

 Meredith pretty much told me that I need to step outside of my comfort zone.  That got to me because Marcus recently said the same thing recently during a shoot.  We spent about 20 minutes at this location and I’ll admit that this was the first shoot that I was looking forward to the ending!   I will post a few more photographs in the coming days.
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