Portrait of my Daughter


Portrait of my daughter

Last weekend I was watching the Redskins game and sometime in the third quarter I turned it off. If you have seen the Redskins play this season, you can understand why. I turned to my daughter who was sitting nearby and asked if she would be willing to do a portrait session. She looked at me and said no! I upped the ante and offered her $15 for a half an hour of her precious time. She agreed and off we went.

Most parents think there children are beautiful and I definitely feel the same way about my daughter. I think she will turn out to be a stunning woman one day. I mean hey, look at her dad. Okay her mom may have had a little something to do with it too 😁.

Unfortunately just like her mother, she has no interest in having her portraits taken. I usually get images of her frowning or making goofy faces. I am always better off sneaking images of her when she doesn’t notice. Maybe the promise of money helped because I finally got a few good images from last weeks mini portrait session with her.

She is definitely not comfortable in front of the camera. It will be fun working with her over the next year. Hopefully that eventually she will get over her shyness in front of the camera.


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