Almost Thrown Away


Model: RedKB
Location: National Harbor

The last four days have been busy for us. We had an event to cover on Thursday, a wedding on Saturday and I had a modeling session on Sunday morning. After getting home from the wedding, I hopped back on the computer to do a few more edits. I went back to RedKB’s gallery and started looking at some of the images that I thought were not worth editing. This image is one of them. Now I sit back and wonder what was I thinking ignoring this image. It’s not perfect, I wish I had gotten more of her elbow in the frame, but I really like this portrait. When I sit down to edit, it’s typically done in three to four-hour increments. I am going to start scheduling more breaks in the future. Or maybe we should allow ourselves more time to get the images back to our clients.

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I often do not cull the images that I plan on editing after a wedding or a portrait session. What I tend to do is look at three images at a time and pick the best one and edit it right away. Then I’ll move on to the next three images and do the same thing. Very happy that I decided to revisit some of the unedited photographs. I found three more images that I really like and hopefully Red will like them too.
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5 thoughts on “Almost Thrown Away

  1. Nice portrait, well posed and composed. The model is gorgeous too! (I’d make it a tad lighter on saturation just a gently touch get a slightly softer red.) Nice work guys! 🙂

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