A Tale of Two Edits #1



After editing this image, I thought ” How would Marcus edit this photograph”. I went back and re-edited the image in the way I thought that Marcus would edit it and I liked both versions.

After editing the image I called Marcus, and we talked a bit about some of the editing tutorials we recently watched on YouTube. After telling him about the two different edits I did of this photograph, he wanted to take a shot at editing the image too. The images above are the results of our edits. Of the two images above which do you prefer and why?

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14 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Edits #1

  1. Depending on the goal. If the shot is commercial… the image to the right, as the coat, jewelry, lines and shapes are well-defined so the “product” is best presented. But, if the image is for a more artistic goal… the left one wins as the tones, softness, light transmit a fabulous mood. (I like the left one) πŸ˜‰

    • Well I lost this battle lol. The one on the left is mine and th one on the right is th one Marcus edited. I was looking at a Ralph Lauren ad when I edited my version. They had soft muted colors in the ad and I really liked it so I put my own spin on it.. But most people seem to prefer the on on the right.. I like what Marcus did too and his edit is not too far off from how I would normally edit an image..

      • Well, it’s a matter of personal likes. I prefer yours because of its softness. Maybe a little processing for enhance the shadows and dark tones of the coat could help to improve the visual “impact” of the image (as the dark areas are too dark). The one to the right, for me, it’s too “hard” as the tones and lines are very defined. But, as I told, it’s a question of personal preferences.

  2. I MUCH prefer the edit on the right side. For some reason the edit on the left seems to be in style / popular right now, however I think it’s a fad that will pass and then all the pictures you did like that will look rather dated in a few years. We’ll see thought! Good job on both :).

    • Gotcha.. Another vote for Marcus lol. I like the film look and actually that style had been around for years.. It’s just not as popular these days.. I mean some Photographers use this desaturated look in all of their work but I don’t see it everywhere. I have a few life magazines from the 60`s and this style of processing was more prevalent back then. I think the digital age of photography may have changed it so that you don’t see this look as often?? Who knows.. In any case for this challenge Marcus kicked my butt lol.

  3. I’d have to go for the one on the right. Why? Because defines the colors better and give it better sense of dimension. The first is a bit flat, the black colors aren’t black. Don’t take me wrong, they both photos are acceptable but a pier or bridge is not a dreamy mood. πŸ™‚

  4. The one on the right. It looks washed out on the left. I do have a tendency toward softer images myself, and do think I should edit them for contrast. In your job, editing is a given, but sometimes less is more.

    • Thanks Audrey! I did the one on hat it was actually influenced by a Ralph Laurenmy hat it was actually influenced by a Ralph Lauren ad that was in a GQ magazine sitting next to my desk. They went with her the saturated feel to the image so I tried to put my spin on it. Marcus clearly one this round 😊😊.. But I’ll be back!

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