Eric & Shana’s Wedding at Oakland Mills Manor in Columbia Maryland


A Beautiful Kiss

A little over a year ago, Marcus and I were shooting an engagement session in Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore Maryland. As we were walking by some of the restaurants I heard someone say “Hey, can you take a pic”. Well, Marcus was setting up a shot with our clients, so I went over and took the photograph below.


Rick & Shana

It turned out that Shana lives in California and she was getting married this summer. Her wedding was going to be in California, but Rick mentioned that they wanted to do something for all of the family members on the east coast that could not attend the wedding. I handed Rick our card and told us to contact us if they needed photographers for their east coast wedding.

This summer Rick and Rose contacted us and asked if we were available photograph Eric & Shana’s east coast wedding-celebration and we were. When they mentioned that the event would take place at the Oakland Mills Manor, I was really excited. I live less than a couple of miles away from the Oakland Mills Manor. Although I have lived in Columbia for fourteen years, I have never visited the historic mansion.

Eric and Shana’s wedding celebration was a joy to photograph. It was very clear that their family and friends were very happy for them. Wishing Eric and Shana a happy ever after….

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