Staycation Was Fun


Having been off of work for 10 days in a row is a first for me in years. This year it was my turn to take off due to school being out for the holiday season. I had a lot of fun just hanging around the house and doing stuff locally with my children. Watching a movie every night with them before going to bed was a joy. Setting my son straight on who the real boss when it comes to gaming was also a treat. Throw in some WWF wrestling action and taking a few trips here and there during the week made it an awesome vacation. I think I will try to do this every year going forward.

On Friday, prior to heading off to the farmers market, we stopped at a car wash. I spent about 3 minutes explaining how things worked and then I let them have at it. The car wash we normally go to allows you 8 minutes to use all the settings, tools available. What I didn’t realize was that at this location, you had to stop the machine when you were done. I’ll say that we went well over 8 minutes. But watching them attempt to do a good job was priceless :-).



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