Snow Day


Portrait of Jordan

Due to the mini snow storm here in Maryland, I am home with the kids today. What was supposed to be one to two inches has now been upgraded to three to four inches. The good news is that the sun should be coming out later this afternoon. The bad news is that we will have a low of 13 degrees tonight.

I am in the process of creating albums from our annual trip to the beach over the years. I came across this portrait of my niece, taken two summers ago during her senior portrait session at Assateague Beach.

Oh great, they have just upped the expected totals to 5 to 6 inches….. Looks like I should head out and do a bit of shoveling :-).
Howard County Portrait & Wedding Photographers


5 thoughts on “Snow Day

    • Typically we don’t have more than two snow storm each year. We have had some big ones in the last four years. One of those storms produced more than 33 inches of snow over two days. Typically are snow accumulations from a real storm around here is 6 to 10 inches. Pretty sure you guys get that amount regularly 😊

      • Surprisingly, we don’t get all that much snow. The mountains soak up most of it before it gets to us. We will have several snowfalls over the course of a winter but most of them will only produce about 3-4″ in town. Today it is 51 degrees here and all the snow from last week is gone. However, the mountains have about 50″ and they will probably get close to 200″ before the winter is over.

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