Miss Burberry

Howard County Portrait Photographers

Model: Miss Lee

Marcus and I are working on a few projects during what we call our off season. During this downtime we are working on creating a few photo books as well as re-organizing galleries on our website. Actually, we probably will end up overhauling our entire website in the coming months. We want to create a featured gallery where we store our favorite images and we going through the process of looking through our galleries for our favorite images.

This image is one of my favorites that Marcus took during our session with Miss Lee in Fells Point Baltimore Maryland. Due to the very cold weather we only had about 45 minutes to work with her but it was still a successful session.

Howard County Portrait & Wedding Photographers


9 thoughts on “Miss Burberry

    • Sounds like fun Maralee. Any ideas off what they are going to be touching on? Shooting outdoors or studio? Posing etc? Would love to have you. If you stop in Maryland we would definitely meet up! Thanks for the compliment.

      • Now that sounds pretty awesome. We have a big shoot on Sunday and I’m excited to do it actually. I am comfortable dealing with all types of light outdoors but when it comes to studio work, Marcus is the pro. So I’ll get to watch him for a bit and shoot too. Have fun tomorrow and I’m looking forward to hearing how it turned out.

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