Full Edits


This has been an extremely long week at work. On top of that, I have not been feeling well for most of it. I am relieved that our production period is finally coming to an end. I am looking forward to catching up on what has gone on in the blogosphere.

These images were taken at our photo shoot at Mixed Elements Salon Spa & Boutique last Sunday. We were so excited with what we had captured that as soon as we got home, Marcus and I did a few quick edits. This morning, I revisited those images and did what I call full edits. The images on the right are the ones that were re-edited. The biggest change was to add just a hint of warmth to the images by using new fill layer tool and selecting brown as the background. Then I changed the opacity to 40%. Once that was done, I created another background layer and used an adjustment brush at 15% opacity and I brushed over sections of the skin which turned a shade to brown for my liking. After that, using the lasso tool, I drew around the jewelry and nails, then used the vibrance slider to add a pop more color to the jewelry. Lastly, I used the unsharp mask tool in PS with the radius set at one, threshold at four and the amount was set at 88%.

Besides catching up on sleep, editing images will be how a large part of my weekend will be spent. We plan on wrapping up our edits from Aaron and Melissa’s wedding which was our last wedding of 2014. I am looking forward to sharing the images from their beautiful wedding day.

Howard County Maryland Wedding & Portrait Photographers

*** Please note images uploaded to this blog are very small in size so there is a large loss of detail ***


9 thoughts on “Full Edits

    • Hey Sonia, Thanks for stopping by :-). The images on the left were actually edited too. Just slightly differently. For those I kept the tones as natural to what was captured on that day. But the rest were edited for sharpness, skin etc..

      It’s funny because one of the models contacted us and mentioned that she thought it would be great if we added more color to the images. I actually planned on doing that anyway just to give our client a choice in how she would like the images to be edited. Marcus also tends to like more contrast/color in his images. While responding to your message he sent me one telling me he liked the ones on the right a little more lol.

      I actually think the ones on the left are nice too but I do prefer the edit on the right of Chelsea applying lipstick to her lips. I think the color boost in that image is in line with the story of that photo.

      Photography is sooooo subjective lol. We are in a few photography groups and you should see the varying responses in regards to a photo that is posted. But I share your opinion for the most part.

      It’s tricky when you edit a photograph because the makeup artist applied the makeup so that it looks a certain way. If I add too much or take away something, that can cause an issue. So we plan on letting the client pick the images and we will edit the ones she picks the way she likes. Once her edits are done, I may go back and do it the way I like or maybe take the models suggestions.

      In the end I could have three different versions of the same image lol. :-). Have a wonderful day Sonia and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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