Cynthia’s Portrait Session Wrap Up

MarcusDilanoPhotography Model: Cynthia[/caption]

We had a good time working with Cynthia throughout her creative portrait-modeling session. As you can see from the photographs, she is a pretty young lady and at 5’10 inches, we think she should pursue her interest in the industry. She has already walked a few run ways and during her session with us, she displayed a lot of poise. She is only fifteen, so she has a little bit of time to think things through. If she decides to pursue a career in the industry, we will be rooting for her!

During a shoot with a high school senior I think that it is important to first, offer praise and let them know what they are doing right, while also making suggestions to them to help improve the final results. Most seniors have not had the portraits taken in front of a professional photographer, so making them comfortable is important in order to have a successful outcome. What we like about working with seniors is that they not only have a great sense of style but they generally know what they want and have a few ideas of their own. They are also at a pretty awesome stage in their lives and it is always interesting to hear what they want to do in the future.

For 2015, we want to make a push into the senior portrait market in our area. Marcus and I like fashion photography, and we would like to infuse the two genres together. We approached our shoot with Cynthia with that in mind. Since Marcus and I like fashion photography, we would like to infuse the two genres together. In our minds, they kind of go hand in hand. We want to cater to those seniors that think it would be fun to be a model for the day and over the next few months, we will be looking for senior representatives of the class of 2016.


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