Little Engineers

On Saturday, we had our first real snowstorm here in Maryland. The storm dumped seven inches of snow on the ground and of course, my children wanted to go out and play. After sometime I noticed that my daughter and four other girls were building something while the boys were doing some sledding. I picked up a camera and went outside and saw that my daughter and her friends built this little tunnel. Now if I could only get her to work this hard on her math homework :-).
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7 thoughts on “Little Engineers

    • You should come back! The people are generally pleasant, and the shore is my favorite place to visit. Each summer we make sure to spend a week at the Eastern Shore and I would miss it terrible if we were to move Audrey. How long has it been since you moved?

      • i haven’t lived in MD since like 2002. but most of my family is still in the area, PA also… i miss the ocean SO MUCH and i love that you can drive anywhere from 4-8 hours in any direction and totally change pace! i miss crabs, i miss the accents, i miss the humidity {i know that sounds weird, but my hair and skin LOVE it! ;)} it’s more than a considering at this point.. i’m kind of planning on it! πŸ˜€

      • When I think about living in Maryland, I thought about Goldilocks and the three little bears. Weird but I swear it just popped in to my head lol. We travel to PA frequently because that is where my wifes family lives. I have family in NY and Charlotte VA. I’ve also visited many states up and down the coast but I always feel like Maryland is just right. NY way too fussy and busy for me. NC and PA, I’d get bored in a few days. Also like the diversity of people I come across in Maryland. Plus there are beaches, museums and heck NY and other states as you said are really just a car ride away 😊😊. So yeah Maryland is just right for me and I don’t think I could truly be happy anywhere else. Besides maybe Sonoma or Napa out west ☺

      • i agree with everything you said! i miss lighthouses, diversity, the smell of salt water in the air, the lush greenery, the back roads, the honeysuckles… i could go on and on. good chat, marcus! thanks for making me feel extra excited about my decision! πŸ˜€

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