First Attempt at a Composite Image


A digital composite is when you take a few different images and combine them to make a single image. I notice that I do tend to gravitate to photographers that tend to create a lot of composites. One of my favorite photographers that I follow is Lisa Bonowicz. As you can see in this image, she has nailed down how to create beautiful art work using this technique. Unfortunately for me, I had no idea how to do this in photoshop. I mean I did know that it would involve using multiple layers, but that was the really extent of my knowledge.

On Friday night, while I was editing images I came across this helpful YouTube video,, which I watched a few times. So I gave it a shot and I used the images below to create the final image above. Again, this was a very simple composite but I had to start somewhere. After creating the composite, I used the oil paint tool in photoshop to add a little bit of texture to the image. I think it is going to be much easier planning a shoot with the composited in mind, rather than taking random images and trying to create one.

Original Image

Below are some of my other favorite images of Lisa’s.
Howard County Maryland Portrait & Wedding Photography


4 thoughts on “First Attempt at a Composite Image

    • I couldn’t agree with you more HJ! I still prefer the original image. I just needed to find an image to practice on and I thought this one would be the best one for the project. But yeah, I too prefer the original!

  1. Great job with the composite Dino!!! Keep at it, as much as you can. Composite just for fun because that will help you to come across various issues and problems that you can practice working on. The birds look great! And thank you so much for supporting my work. It means so much to me. ❤

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