A Barn

One of the things I like about where I live is that on good days, I am 15 minutes away from Baltimore and 20 minutes away from Washington DC. Good days really means leaving my house at 7am on a weekend. Otherwise, it can be a nightmare trying to get to either of these cities. I am also only a few minutes away from some rural areas in my county.

After leaving the gym in the evenings or weekends, sometimes I will go exploring. I would make a game of it, trying to see if I can get lost and figure away back home without the help of technology. After doing this for many years, I have found that I need to drive farther away and getting home after 10pm on a weekday has pretty much killed that habit. I think I got the whole exploring thing from my father who always liked taking me on little road trips, visiting towns and discovering places we had never been to. This photograph was taken on one of the days I decided to go exploring after leaving the gym. Now if I could just figure out who I need to contact to get permission to use it for a portrait session :-).



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