Wind Blown

Model: Nell Clothing Provided by: Farfalle Fashion Boutique

I am really looking forward to some warmer temperatures because the last few months have been pretty brutal when it comes to shooting on location. Yesterday was definitely not an exception!

I met up with Nell for her session in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I had checked the weather the night before and the high was supposed to be around 50 degrees. Unfortunately the weather forecast was wrong! Not only did it not get past 41 degrees but we had to deal with 30 mph wind gusts. On top of that, the three dresses from my friend’s boutique Farfalle Fashion were probably not appropriate for the weather.

We would literally get out of my car, shoot for one minute and then run back inside the car and warm up for five minutes. Over the course of the two plus hours I took less than 130 images when normally I would have had a minimum of 300 shutter clicks between both of my cameras.

I love shooting using shallow depths of field and typically stay around F1.4 through F1.8. Due to fighting the strong wind gusts, I admit that I missed focus quite a few times. That being said, Nell was an absolute joy to work with. We will try and attempt another shoot in the coming months when we know that it will be much warmer!


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