First Attempt at Long Exposure Photography

Lake Elkhorn Columbia Maryland

A co-worker pulled me into his office recently to show me a few images that he took using the long exposure technique. I have always loved the feel of the images that were shot using this technique but I have never attempted it. Last night after a break in the rain, I decided to give it a try.

I hopped over to a lake that is close by and as soon as I got of the car it started to drizzle again. Instead of taking the time to setup the tripod, I set my camera on a column on the pier and used the self timer to activate the shutter. Now long exposure images have the most impact when you combine both moving and still subjects. Unfortunately not much was moving around me besides the wind which caused a few ripples in the lake.

Of the 12 images I took, I have two that I thought came out okay. This photo was taken with the Canon 6D, Canon 24-105 L lens at an ISO of 200 using a shutter speed of 25 seconds. We are heading to NYC to do the whole tourist thing in a few days so I plan on picking up a neutral density filter this weekend to use on the trip. Since Washington DC is not too far away, I’m thinking about heading out there tonight. I’ll use this technique to see what I can come up with.


4 thoughts on “First Attempt at Long Exposure Photography

  1. Thanks Teri.. I’m looking forward to taking shots using this technique from our hotel in Times Square. I’ve always liked seeing the images of the streaking lights on highways or in cities. So I figure I might as well give it a try myself lol. It’s always fun trying out and learning new things.

    • I completely agree with you Amy. That’s why I need that neutral density filter so I can try this during the day. I’m going to see if some stores carry them locally but I’m thinking my best bet will be to purchase one through Amazon. Tonight I’m going to go for the streaking light effects from cars in the city. Actually I may have to hold off. Have a bridal event at Macy’s tonight. Funny seeing your comment just reminded me about it lol. You me and Marcus should get together for a photo walk one morning. Kinda miss you buddy.

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