Chelsea Image # 5

Model: Chelsea W
MUA: Stephanie Barnhouser
Hair: Patrik Simpson & Emily Cooke
Stylist: Allie Daly & Sandy Barone
Location: Mixed Elements Salon Spa & Boutique

I had no intention of being up this late since I need to wake up at three in the morning to leave for our trip to the Big Apple. Actually why do they call New York City the Big Apple anyway? I mean I get the reason behind the behind the name Times Square but the Big Apple, not so much. Guess I will do some googling in a few minutes to figure it out.

I don’t think I’ve ever considered going to New York on vacation. Actually I know I’ve never thought about it. A vacation to me is sipping non-alcoholic beverages while relaxing on the beach. I’m sorry, I have to chuckle at the non-alcoholic beverages because that just sounds horrible to me. My idea of a vacation typically means hopping on a plane and going somewhere warm like Jamaica, Dominican Republic or even a drive out to Eastern Shore for a week.

On the other hand, our children have been asking about a trip to New York and we do think it would be a good experience for them. I can’t complain too much because I am sure I will have a field day taking images of everything I see.

Since I am up, I figured I would go through a few more images from our shoot at Mixed Elements Salon Spa & Boutique. The image above is of Chelsea and I think it does a nice job of showing how talented Stephanie is with makeup. Marcus and I really enjoy working with the team at Mixed Elements for the next shoot which hopefully will be in early May.


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