Liberty State Park New Jersey

Our first stop on our way to NYC was Liberty State Park which is located opposite of Liberty Island and Ellis Island.  The park is bordered by water on three sides.  In 1864 the Central Railroad of New Jersey opened its first terminal and then twenty years later expanded on this site.  Ellis Island increased the traffic of the terminal and it is said that close to eight million immigrants traveled through this terminal.  After the decline of the railroad industry the land was abandoned and became a dump site.  The park was formally opened on Flag Day in 1976.

The memorial called Empty Sky is located at the park and engraved into the walls are the names of the 746 New Jerseyans that died in the September 11 attacks of the World Trade Center.  The walls appear to be slim mirrors of what the Twin Towers would look like if they still stood across the water.   There are also two steal beams from the World Trade Center which sit on the western end of the memorial.   I spent a lot of time standing behind the two walls just looking at them and envisioning where they used to sit across the river.  While standing there you can’t help but to relive the day they went down.

I tried to explain to my children what the memorial represents but it was difficult.  They wanted to know the who and the whys and I tried my best to explain it. I ended up with simply telling them that we live in a world of good and evil.  On this day our country experienced evil in it’s worst form.


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