The Holland Tunnel

I am very thankful for the leaps and bounds in technology we have had in the last decade.  This was the first time I have driven to New York without any real stress and that is primarily due to google maps.  Having my car tell me where to turn and which lane I needed to be in was pretty awesome. After leaving Liberty State Park we decided that prior to checking in to the hotel we would visit China Town.    We ended up driving through Hoboken New Jersey and then through Jersey City to get to the Holland Tunnel.

The tunnel runs under the Hudson River between New York and Jersey City. The tunnel was opened in 1927 and it offered up the first way for vehicles to cross the Hudson River  It is 1.6 miles long and it connects 12th and 14th streets in Jersey City. 


3 thoughts on “The Holland Tunnel

    • Lol.. If you think that movie was scary don’t watch the Sylvestor Stallone movie called Daylight. That movie dealt with an explosive device going off in a NY tunnel. Trust me when I say I was uneasy driving through it. Especially due to traffic and being stuck underneath there for a good five minutes…

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