The Fam in Times Square

Our Friday is off to a great start due to getting the notification that we have surpassed 1,000 followers! When we first started the blog, the majority of the posts featured a lot of landscape photography. Now the majority of our posts feature weddings and portraits. Well this year Marcus and I plan to shift our focus to carpet photography. We plan on sharing images of carpets that we come across and walk on daily. Not only are there numerous colors and textures in carpets, but sometimes with a macro lens you can see the dust particles in carpets.

It’s kind of of interesting to see how much we have grown as photographers over the last four years. The wonderful thing about photography is that there is always room to grow and we continually strive to do just that. Whether it is by reading fellow photographers blogs or learning lighting and Photoshop techniques via YouTube.

These images of my family were taken in Times Square a few weeks ago while we were visiting the Big Apple. I like creating photo books from images taken on family vacations and there have been a few occasions where I am only in two of the sixty or so photographs that make into the book. So, I’m trying to remember to have my wife take more pictures of me and with the kids when we go on vacation.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I was just kidding about the whole carpet photography thing ☺
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