Summer’s End

Model: Kendall MUA: Aryn Wilson

The bells of summer ring o’er plains of sweet September while I with all my heart recall the sweet alyssum splay The trees let out their last slow yawn and then dismember like the scarlet red brick leaf, nothing gold can stay

My window preps the butterfly, I know it’s time to go like stinting walks and piping dreams, there is no tape to bind the marigolds that lose the sun, so let em’ flow as sonnets on a note pad, I know it’s nature’s way

And soon the winter will appear no shame in what she brings soon quiet afternoons and scalding teas appear as blessings for the young and old, so why not make her King this willful child of summer’s end, it’s true,

The bells of summer ring, but only for a while my friend and then they have to stop their dong by summer’s end.

Mystic Rose
Howard County Maryland Portrait and Wedding Photographers


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