Bruised Ego


Olivia’s Big Birthday Bash

I would like to think that little people like me. Unfortunately my ego was slightly bruised because I could not get this little princess to crack a smile during her birthday celebration. I would try to make what I thought were funny faces but then her eyebrows would shoot up as if to say “Who is this guy”.

We always ask a new model that we are working with if they do any mirror work. I think it’s time I take the advice we give out and make sure that the funny faces I think I’m making are actually funny. The good news is that she didn’t cry :-).
Howard Couny Wedding & Portrait Photographers


2 thoughts on “Bruised Ego

  1. Yes, may be she didn’t smile but it is an amazing expression in her face… So seriously she wants to understand what you are doing 🙂 Blessing her. I loved this photograph. Thanks and Love, nia

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