Feeling the Pressure


My wife enjoying an evening on the boardwalk

Thankfully, we’ve been pretty busy this fall but I just realized that I have yet to edit any photographs of my family that were taken throughout the year. To top it off, I have a family member that has made the comment, “I have a wonderful photographer in the family yet I don’t have any pictures family”. I won’t say who it is of course because that could be considered uncouth. I’ll just say that she gave birth to the beautiful woman pictured above. I admit that she does have a point because I have yet to edit photographs of our family taken last year too. I’ll have to make sure to take some time once we close out the year to rectify the situation.

Howard County Portrait & Wedding Photographers


7 thoughts on “Feeling the Pressure

    • Lol Amy ☺☺. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my mother in law. She’s the best mother in law I could hope to have. It’s just that I remembered she made that comment to me last Christmas and here we are coming up on another one and nothing has changed. I still have images to edit from our trip to Disney in 2013 lol.

      Just use the Christmas present you’re about to “deliver” wink wink as an additional excuse ☺

      • I still have portraits from our family vacation to the beach on the 4th of July that are going to end up being Christmas presents, and I’m going to play it off like that’s what i’ve been holding them for, not that i’ve just been a little too lazy to edit them 🙂

      • I hear you. Ill probably create an album of photos for my mom and mother in law as one of their gifts ☺☺. I have about four albums I need to create just for myself. I should have time to catch up on personal projects after the new year. Taking two weeks off around the holidays this year so I’ll use them to my advantage I guess.

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