December Morning at the Sandy Point Beach


Model: Letty Location: Sandy Point Beach Maryland

Last week when I heard that the upcoming weekend weather was going to be beyond beautiful, I added the beach as a place for my shoot with Letty.  I have always wanted to shoot on the beach but for some reason I didn’t think about it until sometime in October.  After our brutal winter last year, who would have thought that we would have seventy degree days in Maryland in December.  Our morning started in Historic Downtown Annapolis and after that we headed off to Sandy Point Beach.

This was my first time shooting at the beach and I have to admit, balancing the light was very difficult.  I was expecting a cloudy Sunday morning but when we arrived at the beach the sun started peeking through the clouds.  I had only brought three speed lights for the shoot and I quickly realized that may not have been enough for what I had in mind.   I also had a 10 stop ND filter but I think that I needed something maybe closer to 5 stops  since the speed lights were not able to create the exposure that I was looking for.  Another issue is that the maximum shutter speed on the Canon 6D’s is 1/4000 of second when I think maybe 1/8000 of a second would have been helpful.


Looks like I need to watch a few more YouTube videos on shooting at beaches. Next time I attempt a beach shoot I know I will bring have to bring the Alien Bees for additional light and that will make a life a little easier.  I hope it’s not too late to ask Santa for a Mark iii. That last sentence is just a hint to my wife in hopes that she actually reads this blog post. Odds are not that great :-).

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