Test Shoot with Mallory


Model: Mallory

Mallory reached out to us a little over a month ago to ask about scheduling a session with us. She is a friend of two models we have worked with in the past and she liked the images from their sessions. She has never modeled before and she was curious to see if this was something she wanted to pursue.

Mallory was a little nervous when we got her in front of the camera and we can’t blame her. It’s been awhile but I remember the first time I went in front of a camera. I was not sure what to expect and I remember having butterfly’s even though I took classes. After the first hour of shooting I was far more confident in what I was doing.  Unfortunately, we honly had about 30 minutes to work with her and just when she began to warm to to the camera and lights, we were out of time.

She goes to school out-of-state and when she gets back in the summer, we plan to work with her again. She is a beautiful young woman and if she decides she wants to make a push into the industry, we would like to help out as much as we can.

Howard County Maryland Portrait & Wedding Photographers


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