Ski Trip to Deep Creek Maryland


The not so scary Cabin in the Woods

Last week I had a wonderful time with my other family in Deep Creek Maryland. It has been a little over two years since we were all able to take a trip together, the last one was to the Rivera Maya. We had been trying to schedule another trip together for the last few months and we were finally able to settle on a date.

This was my first time out to Deep Creek and truly enjoyed myself. There is a lot of natural beauty to see in the area and I could have spent hours driving around taking it all in. But it was cold outside and it snowed the majority of the time we were there. We did venture out to Wisp to do some skiing and snowboarding for one day but since we were up pretty late the night before we were all a bit tired. So instead we opted to do something that took the least physical effort and that was snow tubing down one of the hills.

The following day our wives asked us to go to the store to pick up items for dinner and on the way we took a detour to Swallow Falls State Park. The pit stop was definitely worth it because we were able to get the falls after spending only five minutes on one of the hiking trails.

I grew up with all of the guys in the photographs in this blog post and we have shared many great experiences over the last two-plus decades. We have all married amazing women and it’s a huge plus that our wives have also become friends over the years.
We had such a great time that we are planning to visit again in the fall. Below are just a few photographs from our trip.

Howard County Maryland Portrait & Wedding PHotographers

10 thoughts on “Ski Trip to Deep Creek Maryland

    • Oh it was a wonderful time. Spending time with them was what I wanted for my upcoming birthday. Also one of the guys in the photographs is heading off to Kuwait for the next 6 months. Beautiful memories were created during our getaway!

  1. Great photos, love the icicles capture! You look good on the rocks with the stick! 🙂 It’s a good thing your reservations weren’t for this past weekend, of course, getting snowed in could have been a party for sure. lol We’ve never ventured to Deep Creek but want to go camping up there someday.

    • I know right.. Yesterday I was out shoveling for four hours straight…. Today I responding to you from my bed. Slight tempreture and the chills :-(. I must have forgotten that I am no longer in my twenties :-).

      • Oh wow. He’s right down the street ☺. Not sure where they are putting the snow. Kids are out of school so I’ll probably work from home tomorrow and I guess I’ll find out Wednesday. My wife went to work and she said that some of the roads that are three lanes are now 1 1/2.. Thankfully the next few days will be warm which should help with the melting. Bring on spring 😊

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