Two Different Looks

Earlier in the spring I mentioned to Marcus that I really wanted to do a Tennis themed lifestyle fashion photo shoot.  We have been so busy shooting swim wear that I had to put the idea on the back burner.  Well finally on Sunday morning I was able to scratch that itch.  My model Ronlet is a stylist in the Washington D.C area and she just happens  model on the side.  I knew she would be ideal for a shoot like this because I love her style and she is also a strong model.  We met up at one of the tennis courts here in Columbia Maryland and started shooting at around seven in the morning. 


I have mentioned in the past that Marcus and I have a very similar style yet our preferences sometimes can be slightly different.  I tend to shoot very shallow and when using off camera flash, I want my images to come off as though I am using only the natural light available.  Marcus on the other hand will sometimes play with adding a bit more punch to his images.  Sometimes using two or even three strobes to get what he is looking for.   This summer we have been doing a lot of swim suit shoots on the beach and often, due to the harsh light, I’ve been forced to try and balance the scene using a combination of strobes and speed lights.


For this shoot since I knew the tennis courts were relatively shaded I only brought along my Alien Bees 1600 strobes, a beauty dish and two speed lights.   The first image was shot with the Canon 6D, Canon 70-200mm lens with the Alien Bees set at 1/16 flash power.  The other image was shot using just the natural light with the other 6D and the Sigma 85 1.4mm lens.  While I originally intended to shoot the majority of the session using natural light with the Sigma, I quickly found out that I liked the way I could shape the light using the Alien Bees.


Here are two images from the shoot.  One using the strobes and a flash unit and the other is one is all natural light.  I will share more images from this shoot in the coming weeks.

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