A Swimwear Summer Kayla Image 1

Model: Kayla Certain
Location: Annapolis Maryland

Earlier this year while looking through our portfolio, we realized that in the six years we have been shooting together, we had not attempted to shoot swim wear.  We notice that it is mainly your California and Florida based photographers that shoot the majority of swimsuit shoots we come across on the Interwebs.  This summer we decided to give it a go so besides a few summer weddings, over the last few months we’ve setup a few shoots at Sandy Point Beach in Annapolis Maryland.    


Our sessions have been starting at 6 am in the morning and we typically end close to 9 am.  We also chose to work with models that we have worked with in the past.  That way not too much time was needed trying to build a rapport while racing against the sun rising too far high up into the sky.  The equipment we brought with us to the beach consisted of two Alien Bee’s Strobes, beauty dishes, umbrellas as well as few speed lights.  For the majority of the sessions, we stuck with just using the Alien Bee’s strobes. 


On one hand the shoots were a lot of fun, on the other hand they were probably the most challenging shoots we have ever done.  Dealing with the variety of lighting conditions, equipment, posing, facial expressions and sometimes jelly fish have made for some great memories but also interesting challenges. We will share more details regarding our experiences & lessons learned in blog post to follow.


Howard County Maryland Wedding and Portrait Photographers 

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