Model: Karina
Location: Frederick Maryland

This image is from yesterday’s session with Karina in downtown Frederick Maryland.  This was a bohochic inspired fashion & lifestyle session and although it was fun, the lighting conditions were not ideal.  I typically like to shoot at very low apertures so that I can isolate my subject and remove a lot of the distractions from the image.  Unfortunately almost everywhere that I thought would make for a great backdrop was just covered in sun.  Since we have started doing more shoots at the beach, I have gotten used to lugging around one set of Alien Bee’s in order to help out in situations such as the one I found myself in yesterday.  
I decided if I wanted to force the issue and use this location I would have to try and over power the sun in order to get what I wanted.  I placed the Alien Bees  4 feet to the left of Karina and I used it at ½ power for this image.  I used an f stop of F22, speed 160 and the ISO was set at 100.  I have never shot anything at f22 before and I tend to stay well below f2.0 while shooting engagement sessions, portraits or model work.  In the editing process I also like to remove vibrancy and a little contrast from my images because I like a light and airy mood for my images.   That being said I like the results from this shoot and going forward I will probably try and re-create images that have more of an edgy look to them.

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